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Has a fresh flavor with hints of pine and juniperberry. Learn More
Has an aromatic flavor with hints of oak and dried fruit. Learn More
Nasal snuff with peppermint and menthol aroma. Learn More
Nasal snuff with menthol aroma. Learn More
Nasal snuff with a mild and smoky aroma. Learn More
Original flavored nicotine free e-cigarettes, 2 pack. One e-cig equals around 2-3 packs of regular cigarettes. Learn More
Soft marshmallow candy with fruit flavor. Car shaped in 3 colors, white, green and pink. Learn More
Hard saltylicorice candy filled with strong pepper. Learn More
Box of sweets with licorice and menthol flavor. Learn More
Chocolate covered fudge candy in bag. Learn More
Soft strawberry flavored candy strings in bag. Learn More
Chocolate covered soft candy with taste of arrack, buttertoffee and vanilla. Learn More
Saltcoated soft licorice candy. Learn More
Hard salmiak candy in roll. Learn More
Has a flavor of peppermint, spearmint and menthol. Learn More
A flavor of citrus, bergamot and tobacco. LD 30 has ca 30 pouches per can. Learn More
A mild and soft taste of tobacco, with a hint of citrus and bergamot. LD 30 has ca 30 pouches per can. Learn More
Flavor of honey with hints of elderberry and citrus. Learn More
A taste of tobacco, with a fresh character. Learn More
Classic tobacco flavor with a hint of bergamot. Learn More
A fresh taste of mint. Comes in an environmentally friendly bag, 10 portions / 1g per portion. Learn More

Regular Price: $2.19

Special Price: $1.36

Has a pure tobacco taste. Comes in an environmentally friendly bag, 10 portions / 1g per portion. Learn More
A fresh taste of mint. Comes in an environmentally friendly bag, 10 portions / 1g per portion. Learn More
Has a pure tobacco taste. Comes in an environmentally friendly bag, 10 portions / 1g per portion. Learn More
A traditional tobacco taste with a character of citrus. Learn More

Regular Price: $4.06

Special Price: $3.42

A smooth taste of tobacco with hints of citrus. Learn More
The flavor is strong wintergreen with a background of quality tobacco taste. Learn More

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Swedish Candy


We are bringing back swedish candy to our shop. There has been a lot of requests for swedish candy and since your will is our law we have of course brought it back. Once again you can get your hands on the most popular car in Sweden, Ahlgrens bilar, the delicious chocolate Polly, the salty licorice delights of Djungelvrå...

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Lapland - Snus in bags


First there was a can, now there is a bag. Lapland brings a new dimention to the snus world by saying goodbye to the familiar can. Instead Lapland comes in a small bag that fits easily in your pocket and at the same time is environmentally friendly. Why a bag? Well, things are done a bit differently in Lapland. Try it and find out.

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Thunder Ultra Raspberry


V2 has launched a new version of theire ever popular Thunder. It is called Thunder Ultra Raspberry and it is a very strong portion snus with a taste of raspberry. 

Jakobssons Dynamite


Jakobssons Dynamite is now available to all customers. Jakobssons Dynamite is an extra strong portion snus and it has a rich tobacco character and is flavored by bergamot that gives it a genuine and traditionell tobacco flavour. And just as the name suggests, it is very strong. Gotlandssnus has developed this snus for some time and waited to launched...

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Free shipping to Switzerland


Free shipping on all orders to Switzerland for the rest of August. Order now and have your order shipped to you for free!

DC sales temporarily closed.


All our sales to D.C have temporarily been closed down. This is due to government issues regarding tobacco sales regulation and permits. We are working hard to solve this and hope be able to continue provideing our D.C. customers with swedish snus again in a near future.

American Express issues solved


We have solved the issues with American Express and are happy to announce that we from now on once again can accept payments by American Express.

American Express


At the moment we can not accept payments by America Express. This is due to an administrative issue with American Express. We are working with American Express to solve this issue and once we can accept American Express again we will let you know.We are sorry for your inconvenience.

Delays due to storm


There will be some delays from our US warehouse due to the tropical storm Sandy this week. We are sorry about this but this is out of our control.We will resume normal service as soon as we possible can.

Technical issues sorted out


We are glad to announce that most of the technical problems with the new webshop have now been resolved. We are working around the clock to fix the remaining issues and to make this the best online smokeless shopping experience possible.These technical problems have caused some shipping delays and we are sorry about that. We are working hard to ship you...

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New webshop - Great offer


We are now launching our new and improved webshop. We hope that you will find the new webshop to be better and more easily navigated. In order to celebrate the launch we are giving the 500 first customers a Jakobssons Strong Pack for free. When you order something from the shop a free Jakobssons Strong Pack will automaticly be added to your cart. This o...

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Electronic Cigarettes


We are expanding our range of electronic cigarettes and have given them a section of their own. Electronic cigarettes contain nicoitn but no tobacco and produce vapor instead of smoke. They are powered by batteries so you do not need to light it like a traditional cigarette.

Odens Cold


Odens Cold is the new snus from GN Tobacco. It is a portion snus with a long lasting spearmint flavor. Available now at the US warehouse.

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